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Shallow Side – Hidden Greatness

A couple of weeks ago there was a band that was supposed to come into town and play a show.  Something happened, and the band could not make it.  Instead, a band from Alabama rolled into town that very few have ever heard of. When I heard the original act had bailed and could not make it, I was not real keen on seeing a replacement band brought in, especially day of.  Usually when this happens booking agencies will give a venue the scraps that would take it and not complain because, well, they are usually not that good.

Shallow Side consists of Eric Boatright on Vocals, Seth Trimble on Guitar, Heath Fields on Drums, and Cody Hampton on Bass, and they formed in Cullman, Alabama (uh, where???) a little over year ago.  When they first walked into the venue there seemed to be an arrogant persona surrounding them.  They seemed hard to approach and just not personable.  I heard one of them say they needed caffeine to get with it, so I got a soda from the bar and sent it up to the stage.  Until this article they probably still do not know where that came from.

After the band was setup and ready for their cue to go, there was a delay.  Not because of the band, but the sound guy was not ready yet.  Without declaring who I was, or that I was going to write a review on this band, I walked up to them and just started talking.  Every single member was super friendly, and the whole caffeine thing started to make sense.  They had just drove 13 hours from Michigan where they played a show the night before.  On top of that drive, they were heading back to Michigan immediately after the show, drive 13 hours where they just came from, to play a show the next night.  This continued to brew the whole “oh boy” attitude that was prevailing on what scraps did the booking agency give the show that time.

From the first note that Shallow Side played, it caught my attention.  There was a long musical progression before the vocals hit, but when they did, impressed is too small of a word.  They played for a little over 30 minutes (the slot they were allowed) to about 20 people, but you could not tell.  The stage show that this band showed was phenomenal, and the sound quality was top notch.  The 30 minutes went by so fast, when they stopped playing I was disappointed.  The small group that was there wanted more.  A lot more.  The melodies were rich and smooth, the timing of all the notes were right on, and there was nothing about the stage show that turned anyone away.  They had that special something that as a fan in the crowd, they were able to draw you in and make you feel like you were in the show persay.  They played like it was a sold out house, instead of the small crowd they were provided.

After the show when I sat down with the band, it was not one of those interviews you can tell where they are prepped  for every question.  I did not have to do anything besides ask questions, and they answered.  Sometimes with heart wrenching stories, or unbelievable experiences that they have had on the road.

As a group they are doing it “old school rock style”.  They just want to play.  There are many days they are choosing between food or gas to get to the next show, or going to a strip mall or populated area of some sort to sell a few demo CD’s to people to pay for gas and food.  They are 100% real and legitimate, and the talent they carry with them, I believe many will miss and not understand what just stood in front of them.  They provided stories of people that have helped them along the way, fed them, gave them a place to sleep, whatever it took to make sure that these boys stayed on the road and showed their art to more fans.

Shallow Side is a massive hidden talent that many are missing as they play these towns.  If you are lucky enough to get them in your area to play a show, without a doubt or hesitation, go.  You will not regret a single thing about going and seeing these guys.  Honestly, in my opinion, it will not be long before this band is very heavily known and is playing with the big boys.

Note: Shallow Side has granted permission for us to post 2 of their songs from their demo.  Please take a listen to each and comment on your thoughts.

Song 1:
Shallow Side - Crutch

Song 2:
Shallow Side - Fear Ends Tonight

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  1. PURE GREATNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats all I got.

  2. Cullman may be a small ass town of course, but there’s definitly big talent from there! :) love these guys <3

  3. These guys truly are amazing, on and off the stage. I know they will make it to the top someday!!

  4. These boys do exactly what they promote.. bring people together and into their family through their music. I absolutely think the world of these boys and what they’re doing. They approached me at my mall in Parkersburg, WV telling me the same story as they told this guy. I obviously felt bad that they had no gas money, so my friend and I bought a CD. Once I got to the car, I’ll admit I had extremely low expectations. I mean, what kind of band could be very good that is selling CD’s at OUR mall, really? So I put the CD in and I was literally so blown away that I went back in and gave them more money for the CD than they charged. I found their bass player and told him how that deserved more than it got and his face lit up like crazy. They truly appreciate their fans and that sold me. I went to their show the next night and they are amazing. Seriously. If you haven’t heard of them, listen now. They’re terrific people and have fantastic talent. I’m very proud of these boys and can’t wait until their next show.

  5. WOW – it has been my dream to see these boys make it big ever since I heard them for the first time at Planet Rock in Battle Creek, Michigan, I was hooked. I took this group of young men and swore to them I would do everything in my power to make them a real competitor in the Rock N Roll World. I have worked with these boys to book shows and send them places where they would be appreciates and recognized for their talent. They have more than proven themselves in the industry enduring the negative and embracing the positive. I love these guys with all my heart and will continue to work for them for free and make them the superstars I already know they are. Thank you for taking the time to stay and listen to them knowing where you are coming from regarding the scraps fed to venues when other named bands cancel shows….thes goys are not scraps they are the Filet Mignon of touring regional bands. Thank you again for supporting them and their quest to be somrthing big in this industry

    Bruce Tuck
    Rock Concepts Promotions

  6. I am a parent of one of these boys and I can tell you first hand, they work very hard at what they do. They care so much about the fans and realize that without them, they will not succeed. They never hold back when they are performing. If their love of music and their fans, plus hard work, count for anything, they will succeed. Thanks for all the kind words. I encourage everyone to get out and listen to them. Keep spreading the word.

  7. These guys love doing what the do on and off stage. They’re not like any band I have heard before, they appreciate anything and everything you do for them. I can’t wait til they make it big!!! Love these guys with all my heart!!!!

  8. Where to start…These guys are beyond great. I first heard of these guys when they were know as a different name and followed them ever since. When I first saw and heard that they were going to be in Michigan two days before their first show in Wyoming MI. I called as many of my friends as possible and urged them to come out and see these guys preform and show them some Michigan love. That was on 11-12-2010 for their first Michigan show. Then early in 2011 when they asked me to start up the Michigan Street Team page for them. I was honored to do so. In Feb of 2011 I had the chance to hang out with them in Michigan while they were here and see what they were like off stage. Very cool guys. They love to have fun at any chance they can. Get them around snow…well its like heaven to them…haha. They were kind enough to let me go out on the road with them for three days while in Michigan in Feb. and let me live out my dream of being a rock star. I then in return had them preform an acoustic set for my awesome roommates and a few friends in which they all fell in love with them. Then in March they allowed me to do it again only this time I traveled to TN just to hang out and go to a few shows. and travel the road with them. In April they made their Intersection Debut in Grand Rapids Michigan. I was honored to have got Fled Five [Local Grand Rapids Rock Band] and these guys hooked up for a show with the help of Brian Grooms. Everyone one that i noticed as soon as they hit that stage everyone stopped the conversations and payed close attention. They were accepted. I was pleased at the reaction. While in Grand Rapids my roommates and I had the honor of letting them take over our home. We fed them showed them a lot of new activities that they will bring home to Alabama with them. We now renamed the house “The Shallow Side House” I am looking forward to seeing these guys grow as a band and as individuals. They have a lot of potential and the drive that is not to be reckoned with. I am honored to be promoting these guys and helping anyway possible to see them go to the top.

  9. Didn’t see the show but the songs are great! Hope this one makes it to the top!

  10. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing most of these guys since their early high school days. Ever since they’ve been playing music together they have given it their all. The dedication they have to their fans and their music is phenomenal. They deserve to be at the top. Congrats on your current success guys and good luck!

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