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Moonlight Social Review

Moonlight Social is a unsigned band out of Austin, TX that recently sent in their CD to us asking if we could give it a review.  Not knowing much about the band and only hearing one song prior through a website we did not know what to expect when cracking open the CD and throwing it in for a play.  After about 5 minutes of listening to the CD, our minds were made up pretty clearly.

The band is made up of only 2 people.  Jennica Scott and Jeremy Burchard.  For the CD Jennica did most of the vocals, and Jeremy did the instruments with backup vocals.  For live performances through research on the net, it seems they have others that fill in for the instrumental spots, but the heart of the band remains with these two people.  This is a relatively young group just forming in early 2011, but has already been selected to the SXSW stage for performance in 2012.

The music is listed as rock, but that is very deceptive.  I would not call what Moonlight Social produces rock music at all, because when I think of rock, Octane on SIRIUS/XM comes to mind.  This music would not fit on there.  The music is almost a cross-genre between pop and country.  Most of the songs on the CD can be compared to the type of music that is produced by Taylor Swift.  In fact, if Moonlight Social is as good live as they are on the CD, I could see them opening for Taylor Swift and having no issues keeping up.  Yes, this is a strong statement, but is very indicative of the quality of product that they have.

Jennica has one of those sexy voices that attracts you the minute that she starts singing.  The vocals are on key, and the feeling just draws you into the song.  Jeremy has great harmonies with Jennica and the duet is one of the more powerful that we have heard come across our desks.  The harmonies are rich and on track, and heavily compliment the solo voice of either Jennica or Jeremy on each song.  Personally I think Jennica is the stronger of the two vocals as one of the songs where Jeremy leads in vocals seems to lose its luster.  This could be the attraction of Jennica’s voice and the dominance that she can command without trying.

Every song has that “15 second” factor of if it is going to keep you or lose you down.  Within that first 15 seconds you want to hear more.  The music actually has meaning and tells a story throughout each.  Much like the “Inlike – Somewhere in Between” review, I can see a story that the entire CD tells if the music was arranged in a different order, but gets lost if you only listen to each and every song.

Only ranked number 110 on ReverbNation.com for Austin, TX is very surprising.  This tells me that this artist is a diamond hidden in a ton of coal.  Moonlight Social is well worth the money to buy the CD as the sound is awesome, and the music is the type that you can listen to over and over again without it getting old quickly.  The only downfall is that they could not fit more songs on the CD.  We can not wait to hear more from these guys.

You can find more information about Moonlight Social here:
http://www.moonlightsocialmusic.com/ (Website)
http://www.reverbnation.com/moonlightsocial (ReverbNation)
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Moonlight-Social/179450492094951 (FB)


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  1. All right for Moonlight Social. Jennica and Jeremy sing their hearts out on every song. They are so easy to listen to. I do agree that Rock is not the correct catagory. Pop or Country seems more correct. Keep on singing.


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