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KC Music Fest

If you ventured out of the house this past Saturday you were greeted with; sheets of rain, hellish lightning, and insane wind. For those that braved the elements and made the journey through the twisted nether to the Beaumont Club, you would find a mostly younger crowd, loud music, and (for the majority of the bands) nightmarish screams and demonic growls.


The Kansas City Music Festival was a 3-day multi-venue and  multi-genre event around the Kansas City Metro. I am a metal head, so I chose to make my way out to The Beaumont Club on Saturday for the heavy stuff. At the end of the night I was not disappointed.


Before Waltz of the Rabid took the stage , the crowd was psyched and ready to let the moshing commence from the word go. And indeed they did. This 6 memeber band came out wth one thing in mind, and that was to leave The Beaumont Club looking like a war torn battlefield of metal. At one point Davey (lead vocals) threw his hands in the air and parted the crowd down the middle. Then upon command, the two sides came crashing together in a sea of thrashing and moshing. If I did not have my camera with me, you can bet  your ass I would have been in the mix.


Klehma (Klee-muh) remember that name. I get a feeling that we will be hearing a lot more of these guys in the future. The guitar play that both Jesse (guitar) and Johnny (guitar/vocals) put on is simply amazing. Klehma just started playing at venues this year, and all I can say is, its about time you started. The years that these guys have played shows in their music. I was so captivated in watching the guitars doing battle, I realized I was not taken pics. That is how mesmerizing this group of guys can be. So I say again, remember the name Klehma.


Headlining that night was Black Rapture. This is a young band that definately can play. Twice through their set they had whole room moshing. I bet the staff at The Beaumont Club were on edge watching two sides collide in the middle of the room once again. There was some confusion on the timing of the mass conjunction, but things got ironed out and the hysteria ensued.


All in all Saturday was a good night, despite a monsoon of rain. Seen a lot of young bands making their debut, and honestly it did show. But, experience comes with more and more gigs. Keep practicing and keep getting gigs with seasoned bands and watch how they perform. Ask questions and take notes. Its good to see the new generation in KC’s metal scene.


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