Shadowplay’s New EP Goes Under Review

Hailing from New Jersey comes a group of young musicians with a classic sound in the form of Shadowplay. I gave their self-titled EP consisting of eight tracks a listen for PB. First impression is of the in your face ‘80s hair metal vocals from front man Andrew Corkery that immediately remind me of greats like Sebastian Bach, formerly of Skid Row. The debut EP from this youthful quintet features tracks titled, Darkest Hour, Like a Phoenix and Pulse. These tracks show the range covered on the EP.

The guitar solo on Darkest Hour is awesome. It helps bring the track some shine for this lyrically somber song written by the founding members, Corkery and lead guitarist Dan Holden. The format is more like a prose than a traditional song, like it lacks a chorus. Despite this, Darkest Hour, has a clear message and hints towards being written for a depressed friend in a dark place and in need of support.

The next track on the EP, Like a Phoenix, is another nontraditional formatted song with a short but sweet chorus that does not take over the track. This is almost like the epic love ballad of the EP. Repeatedly a mysterious unattainable female is referred to as a pedestal to aim for. I loved the rhymes used in the lyrics of this track, like using ‘transfix’ to rhyme with the ‘phoenix’ object of affection the song is dedicated to.

Pulse is the fifth track and balances out the ballad before it by being the frustrated and anger-filled track of experience. This is the falling out of love portion of the cycle that most songs are based on . Although this could also just be teenage angst against the world and it’s “overbearing attitude” as the track laments. While the most angry track on the EP, it still gets a little passive-aggressive lyrically.

Shadowplay’s self-titled EP is released on RomulusXRecords. These determined musicians are headstrong and quickly networking their way to success. With a throwback sound, they have the potential to capture generations of music lovers. “Rock. It’s what we do,” according to their Facebook is an accurate description of the band made up of Corkery on vocals, Holden on lead guitar, John Sellers on bass/piano, George Legatos on guitar/bass, and Tim Bear on backup vocals/drums.

Meredith Stalker
Project Backstage

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