Local Ruckus Makes A Ruckus

It was a night that very few start up businesses can claim to have had.  With 1000′s of people, some of the top bands in Kansas City, and could not be deemed anything other than a success.

The website localruckus.com claimed their stake in the Kansas City market by having an online vote through their website to select which bands would take the stage.  In the end, there were 3 placed bands, and 5 voted bands by fans to get the chance to play.  Local Ruckus visions to be the one-stop-shop for entertainment and a directory of sorts on what is going on where.  The night was teamed up with StratGazer Entertaiment and SLAM Radio for stage fun and coordination.

In the end, with the crowd voting talent into the stage, was the stage as good as it could be?  Let’s begin with the reviews:

Mad Libby

Mad Libby opened the night with powerful vocals and on time music that was solid and delivered with energy.  This is no surprise to anyone that has seen Mad Libby before as this is more of a common thing for them than anything else.  Despite on-stage sound issues, and monitors that plagued the entire night until the headliners Mad Libby did not seemed phased one bit.  There performance was very well rehearsed and with the entertainment delivered they could have played anywhere in this show, not just at the start.

Burning Tide

This band is one of those bands that you would not expect to see on a stage like Power and Light.  Burning Tide has had the reputation of being that mediocre band in the past that sometimes would just not hit the mark.  This has changed in the past 3 months or so as they have developed a whole new style and sound, and the image of the band is not what we are still used to.  It is much better all around, and the new music they released during their set was way above par that we have seen in the past.  The vocals seemed very well controlled, the timing was on, but once again with stage monitor issues they could not hear themselves.  The only hiccup that was noticeable with Burning Tide’s set was when there was a tuning issue between the guitars about 1/2 way through.  That was fixed and I have to admit, I was shocked at how they just owned the stage and delivered what they do with confidence and pride.

The Liar’s Scene

This is a band that all of the staff here at Project Backstage has been watching with open eyes.  We have watched The Liar’s Scene at their very first show, do developing to a band that can play the Power and Light.  It was very obvious that this was the first major show that this band has played as when Ricky came onto stage, his vocals were very shaky, and I was debating on if he was trying to dance on stage or having convulsions from nerves.  This only lasted for about the first song, maybe some into the 2nd song before he got it under control and you saw the entire band just starting to have fun.  For The Liar’s Scene you could tell with the way they presented themselves it was not about doing anything different.  They played to play.  They wanted the experience and was basking in every moment of the crowds roaring and yelling “You f**king rock” in between songs.  While The Liar’s Scene presented very well, I hope in future shows they can shake the nerves and deliver a full set of uninterrupted pure hard rock that they are capable of doing.

Killing The Calm

I am personally good friends with these guys, but with that said, I have to call this the way I saw it.  There was something off with this band for this performance that never really did get fixed throughout the entire set.  Maybe it is I have seen them so many times before and I have an expectation of them every time they hit the stage, but this time it did not live up to my knowledge of where I know they can play.  I hesitate to say too much here because the issues they had during this performance were without a doubt isolated, and do not reflect what this band does on a normal night.  One thing that impressed me was you could see in their face they were having issues, but they still kept hammering at it, and rocking out as hard as they could.  They did not make excuses, or even flinch.  Killing The Calm did exactly what they have to do and that is what any band should know, and they continued with the show and put it out there.  With all of that said, I am not giving up on these guys.  I know what they are capable of and on a normal night they can headline any local show around here and dominate it.


I am a fan of InLike, and in a big way.  This is no secret and I catch a lot of hell for it from my metal friends.  For the genre of music that they produce they are probably one of the top bands in the area doing what they do.  When Casi started singing at the beginning of her set, you could see heads turn in the bars around the common area to see what it was.  The standing only area in front of the stage filled pretty rapidly when they took the stage, and they held the fans throughout their set without issues.  Being I have picked at every other band at something, I will do the same here and hope it is not taken the wrong way.  InLike in their current stage show has started playing the music, playing it well, but only leaving that when they go off stage.  There is not an entertainment factor built into their current set that you see with the other bands.  The “wow” factor that is left behind as a memory is just not there.  If they can build this into what they do, they could easily go regional/national in my opinion.


I have always been overcritical of this group because they have the power to be phenomenal.  When they step onto the stage, even if musically they are off, they have that wow factor when you watch them.  From the start of their set, to the very end, it is rehearsed and timed down to the 1/10th of a second.  Obsidian may be the least known, but most on the move band in the Kansas City area.  They are constantly touring to other states, and played Arizona and Los Angeles the following 2 nights after this show.  Obsidian ruled the stage from the word go until it came time for them to leave the stage.  There was some timing issues throughout the set, and I have seen Nik much stronger on vocals in the past, but I do not think anyone in the crowd noticed the imperfections.  Obsidian, while I had some doubts on how they would handle this spot of playing in front of around 3,000+ people at this point in the night, delivered exactly what they had to for a stage like this.

Evalyn Awake (Headliner)

These guys from around 2 years ago to now have me speechless.  They have developed into this rock machine monster that no matter how many times you see them, they just keep getting better.  Evalyn Awake totally dominated not only the stage for their set, but the entire evening over every other band (Yes, even over Red Line Chemistry).  I was trying to find something to complain about, but Tyler Lyon’s vocals were dead on, the timing of the entire night was amazing accurate, and even the harmonies from Nick Marshal were amazing.  If this was not the perfect performance that I know all the guys strive for, it was 99.9% perfect.  I keep talking about the wow factor in all the bands reviews, and Evalyn Awake showed exactly what that factor is.  When people in the crowd ask “I thought they were playing longer” when they had already played for 40 minutes, you did something right.

Red Line Chemistry (Headliner)

This was my first Red Line Chemistry experience to see them as a live band.  The energy this band shows on stage was amazing, the performance was awesome, and they left me wanting more.  Bret’s vocals were powerful, dead on accurate, and the band as a whole had an amazing clean sound that entertained a very full Power and Light stage.  Red Line Chemistry did kind of confuse me as they used their own light rig setup instead of the massive setup that Power and Light had to offer, and that made it feel more like a local show rather than the major show that this was.  In the end, what matters is what you leave on stage and Red Line Chemistry without a doubt left it all up there and delivered a stellar performance.


Overall I think the stage was a great setup for the launch of this website.  I personally would have liked to see more diversity away from the mainstream type rock that was overabundant that evening, but I still debate if the owners of Power and Light would have even allowed bands like Mindtrick, or Hellevate.  Probably not.  But that is another story for another day.  At least when it was all said and done, the local scene of music got another push from a major stage to showcase what it is all about, and it would have have happened without Local Ruckus.

Frank Arena
Project Backstage

2 Responses to Local Ruckus Makes A Ruckus

  1. KTC - Mike Reply

    October 24, 2011 at 3:39 pm


    I wanted to thank you for the review, it’s not too many times you can count on an honest critque of a show but as always, we can count on you! We as a band appreciate honesty and criticizm as it helps us to build & grow into a stronger band. We did have an off night & were not 100% on top of things for what ever reason but toughed through it & tried to deliver the best we could. We also want to thank you for your support & believing that ‘Killing the Calm’ can & will deliver a great perfomance. We are working hard, staying focused & are ready to set the redeeming in motion!

    I enjoyed this review very much!
    Take care.

  2. nowon Reply

    November 4, 2011 at 11:18 pm

    It’s funny since Burning Tide is the typical “mediocre” bar/butt rock band

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