BRS, Mad Libby, From The West = Awesome

Friends……I didn’t see all of them, but damn sure a lot of the ones I wish I saw more often.

I was drug to a CO-ED Passion Party by my wife and managed to keep my composure passing around lube and dildos to way to many friends. I did get some interesting Apple Pie homemade alcohol concoction that was pretty damn good, and Melissa Hoffner was an excellent host. I was actually drug outta there after Rick Allen and I went into his studio to hear some of the kick ass country music stuff he is doing. I think the wife bought some good smelling stuff from the Dildo peddler before we headed to Danny’s Bar and Grill.

Got there in the nick of time to see Mad Libby belting out those tunes they are known for. I think the size of that bar could have retained regulars better by turning the dial to 7 rather than 11,but screw them, if its too loud you are too old, this is now our bar! Dana, Jessica, Jenifer and even the Jim Brewer looking dude Rob, were definitely on their game. Saw Ronnie with Julie, Duke and Billy from the band Collapse in the crowd jamming out. I was most impressed with the bluesy song which was either “Down” or maybe “Some Sanity” as I recall hazily, I know they know the song so I will have to make sure they get me up to speed and get me a copy to spin on SLAM Radio.

During the break down and set up of BRS, I made some rounds around the bar. Saw my good friends Leslie Couch and Rebecca Amendola. They are band wives and always fun to have a shot or two with. Also saw Ruby Girl and Paul Chandler from KC Local Artists. They Support the scene quite a bit, and I think Paul recorded the whole show for others to hear? The KC Anthem Monkey made an appearance with Paul and Ruby at this point. I also ran into Bobby Hoskins from “That Metal Band” and another great band out of Branson called “Open Fire”. That guy is vicious on the drums and I hated to hear that Harley’s and Horses cancelled their show after he had already traveled up to play. I like Switch and admit they are a good band, but the venue should not have done that. Score for me though, got to see a friend I don’t see enough of. BRS set themselves up and got the show on the road.

I rocked out by the stage with Missa Bee, Julia Perkins, Cris Bruenger and a bunch of other people. Justin Paul, Jason and Troy were spot on tonight, and I gotta hand it to Justin, he soldiered through the back pain I knew he was in. That messed up back looks to be about killing him. I went back to my seat after they finished. My poor Pregnant Wife was hanging with our friend Shelli Ruth and even though I was being my normal socially ADD self she was hanging with a headache in a bar she couldn’t drink at. She sipped her water and let me have my fun. Gotta love a woman like that, but I know I will probably have to repay the favor in the future.

I went to get her a refill and me one of those 3 dollar rum and coke’s and ran into Tom Brown. I was surprised to see him and asked about this thing called fatherhood. He told me the same thing everyone does… is a ton of work but definitely worth it. And he obviously has an understanding wife as she let him come out for while to catch a local rock show. Kudos to him for doing it, I love to see respected musicians like Tom in the scene.

The Last Band was “From the West”, I have been trying for a long time to share this band with the world. Scott, Tom, Landon, Robbie C, and Brett Taylor are a great bunch of guys with a killer sound all their own, but if I had to compare them to anyone then I would say I hear more Clutch than anything. Truth be known they could work well on any rock/metal/rockabilly show out there. Tom and I were marveling at the ability of the bass player to play so well with the tips of the two main fingers for a bass man cut off. Of course Tom being a bass man he noticed it first. he was really impressed with the band in general. I have seen them and agree wholeheartedly.

Really though, even though all the bands were great Saturday night, partying with so many friends was what made it such a blast.

JD Enke
Project Backstage

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