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JD’s Corner – Weekend of Rock

This Past weekend J Babs and I attended two shows. The first being the Metal Mayhem Show which featured Hemlock and Blue Felix….I will leave it to Jason to review, but I gotta say I am now a fan of Blue Felix. They put on one hell of a show. Hemlock is now local and put on a good show too, it was just not as visually stimulating. Kind of like back in 1990 something when I saw White Zombie with Pantera, both were spot on kick ass groups, but the Zombie visuals made ya leave going WOW, and no Frank, that does not mean World of Warcraft, settle down.

The Next night was a judging night for Cali Dreaming. We had two musicians with J Babs and I Judging, and even though two bands could not be bothered to fulfill the obligation they signed up for, the rest sure did put on a hell of a show. The First band was “Black Autumn“, it was obvious they were the least prepared for the show and part of that might have been the lack of their regular guitarist due to a broken arm. I know not having the right equipment is embarrassing. But, it actually saved them for me. The song the lead singer did to fill time was breathy and excellent, it made up for the between songs nervousness I detected in her.

The Band that followed was “The Burning Tide”, Roxi keeps getting better every time we see her, her tone control was solid, and the antics involving the entire band between songs was entertaining in itself. I know all the judges felt they did a great job. And the Huge Surprise at the end of the set was a proposal by Wayne King (drummer) to Roxi Quinn (bass/VOX). It was touching, gutsy and thankfully not the end of this band…She said yes.

The final band of the night was “Meatshank” the Heaviest band of the night and it was the second time I had seen them this weekend as they played before Hemlock the night before. I would love to say they had no chance to follow a marriage proposal, but that would be a lie. They cleared that lovey dovey crap right off the stage and tore it up! Honestly they put on the best show I had seen them do and definitely deserved to move on in the contest. This band is fast becoming one of my favorite Metal acts to catch on any given night.

I finished the night heading over to the Record Bar to catch the midnight showing of HÖSSFERATU.  I know I am one of few that knows about this band, but I was glad to make it just before the show started, Thanks for the heads up Rob Couch. This band sounds like Clutch and Cannibal Corpse had an illegitimate baby. They are pretty solid musically and for those of us that like Death Metal, the VOX were pretty standard affair. It was an interestingly good mix. Rob and I chit chatted with Mr. Sisson from Troglodyte, and honestly the experiences that guy has had could have filled all of Sunday, but by the time Hoss was off stage I was done, stick the proverbial fork in me. I went home and slept late and used Sunday as it was intended, to rest.



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