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Mad Libby is by far expected to win tonight, although they don’t know it.  They entered the stage nervous and with a serious “we gotta do this” attitude.

From the very first note the timing of what was a very well rehearsed set was on spot.  The vocals were strong, and the harmonies were there.  I don’t know where to pick at this band at all.

Maybe their hair was not combed perfectly?  Hmmmm, they wore a depressing all black?  I really don’t know what they did wrong.

They were more than musicians also, they were complete entertainers to where their set went by so quick it left you wanting more.  The crowd was completely into it, the judges were seen dancing, it was as close to a perfect set as you can get, if not a perfect set from a crowd perspective.  I really want to say something to the band to build on but I can not find it.  They were more than ready for this show and you can tell they brought it to find that Rocklahoma 2012 spot.

I will think on this overnight and seriously play the set back in my mind.  On the live while I am watching them review though, there is nothing I can pick at.

Will they advance?  In my mind if they don’t there is a SERIOUS issue.  Hell I got so much into watching them I forgot to take a live picture…

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