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Caucasian Debris Review

Karl Christenson on a serious six string Bass, ripping it up and doing things with that bass I have rarely seen. Tom Nieves risen from the ashes of the Tards killing it on the drums, and Blake “Mantoe” Weaver SHredding like a Mothereffining Duck….oh wait the song goes Duck Motherfucker. Anyway, This is honestly a band I have had the CD from for a while now, but knew almost nothing about. I actually never listened to the CD that much, but after tonight I may have to rethink that. I think the CD has a slightly different line up and that may be the deal, but for whatever reason I was taken aback by this group of great guys making me laugh and bang my head at the same time.

Rick Allen and I were betting on if the first song was about fucking a mouth or a milf. Rick won, it was about a mouth. That first song set the tone for the set. Tom being himself only added to the fun. Heavy Funky riffs were the order for the night and certainly got the head banging and the tails shaking on the girls in the audience.
So to keep this short so I can get back out and hear the rest of the bands tonight, I just gotta tell you guys who have not taken the time to see Caucasian Debris live lately, forgo the CD and get your asses out to a show. Show them the support they deserve. They will surely entertain.

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