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Dual Review of Waiting on Forever

Frank’s Review:

Friday night at the Voodoo at Harrah’s North Kansas City, the debut show of Waiting on Forever finally happened.  It was long in the works from summer of this year, and many people were guessing at exactly what they would come out with.

First and foremost, Waiting on Forever is a “supergroup” of sorts.  It consists of Casi McCall (formerly InLike) on vocals, Dana Scott (also with Mad Libby) on drums, Bryant Bridges (also with The Liars Scene) on guitar, Jake Caster (also with The Liars Scene) on guitar, Mica Vitung (not sure where else) on bass, and what appeared to be an already established fan base larger than most bands.

When Waiting on Forever took the stage, there was a ton of pressure from a lot of people with very high hopes.  With all of the members showing heavy talents in their former and current projects, the bar was extremely high for a debut show.  While people were waiting for the stage to open there was already pre-conceived notions of if they were going to be great, or if they were really going to suck.

For myself, I was not 100% what to expect.  I knew things were going to be different with the different styles of music that everyone has background in – Casi in pop rock, Bryant and Jake in hard rock, Dana in a genre yet to be defined, etc.

When the lights came up and the show started it was definitely a debut show.  The high energy of finally being able to hit the stage was there, the timing mistakes and fun of performing together for the first time was abundant.  Somehow even knowing that was there it did not seem to matter.  The pop rock to borderline “hard” country (if you will) sound was solid.

Through the first 2 songs I was liking it, but was shocked there was no “wow” moments or that one piece of the show you take home with you that makes you want to see it again.  That was cured at the 3rd song.  Casi moved to keyboards and the stage slowed down.  I forget the name of the song, but at the chorus of that 3rd song that moment happened.  The best way to describe it is when you are watching a music reality show and the singer hits a specific note that just kinda throws you back a little, that happened then.  For about a 1/2 a second I thought it was just me, but the whole crowd felt it too and the cheers and wow’s came out.

Some of the songs came off as a little cheesy to me, but the base for the music was there and the sound is very appealing to the ears.  Having a full set developed for a first show was a huge plus in my mind, as many do not do that.  Only one cover was played throughout the 30 minute set, and all of the original music was independent of each other.  There was not any song that I listened to that I thought sounded like the others.

Overall, especially for a debut show it was solid and very entertaining.  Being critical about them at this point I don’t think would do any justice to what they left on that stage Friday.  Talking to the band afterward they knew what a critic would have seen, and lets just cut down to it, it was their first show.  Without just throwing everything up here, I will say that for a debut show (which I have seen A LOT of) it was a much higher quality both musically and performance based than the standard shows that you see.  Waiting on Forever has a shot at being a top contender not only locally but on a regional level if they pull together like I know every member in that group can do.  There is a humongous hole of artists missing in the genre that they are playing in, and in 3 months, I can not wait to see what they are doing then.

In my opinion, if you got the extra $10 and want entertainment, they are well worth it.

Rachel’s Review:

Friday night was the debut of the new super group Waiting on Forever. I’d heard lots of people were very excited including myself to see how this band was going to perform and sound. They pulled a pertty good sized crowd out to the Voodoo Lounge made up of friends and family.

You could tell from start to finish that this group was not made up of newbies. They showed off tons of talent from their instruments even in their stage presence. By the end of their set one of the band mates was playing laying on the floor.

To me the band was kind of like a Kelly Clarkson kind of band, where you have a heavy strong vocalist with the band as support. There is nothing wrong with that in my mind just my initial impression of them on stage.

My favorite song that they played was their third song in. Casi called it their “slow song” and told the audience to act like they weren’t bored. I don’t think you could be bored with this song though. The melodies and harmonies that they played during it sounded great. There were some added ooohs and aaaws from the guitarists that I’m not sure if they came in on the wrong queue, but it kind of threw the song off a bit.

Close to the end of their set you could hear the strain in Casi’s voice I was worried she might lose it before they were done. But for having not sang in about a year I think she did pretty well. With more practice this band has a lot of potential to be up there with the other top local bands.

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