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P:B Gets a Red Velvet Crush

IMG_0895Last night I had the opportunity to hang out at Davey’s Uptown for the Songwriters Scene. It’s an open mic night put on by Jonathan Theobald. You come in and sign up on a list, when it’s your turn you jam out to a few of your original tunes to a crowd of artists and fans. I have go to say there is a lot of natural talent being shown off here within playing, singing, and songwriting!

Opening for the night was a full set from Red Velvet Crush. This was their last show before heading out to Austin, Texas to record their album. The band is currently made up of Jillian Riscoe on vocals and Daniel Mendala on the acoustic guitar.

The first song of the night was  “Girls Rock too.” This is such a great girl anthem! I was singing along before the song was over. The lyrics and beat are so catchy with lyrics like “You’ll never have a girl like me. And you’ll never be as cool as me.”

The next song played was “Forget Me Not.” I did get a chance to hear this song preformed before and I love it more and more. This song shows off great vocals that harmonize so very well with the guitar. Jillian’s voice can go from soft sultry to powerful in the same song with ease.

During the performance of “Beautiful Mess” you could just see how much they were both into the music. You can tell pretty much through every song that each song has a special meaning to them. There is a lot of heart and soul in the lyrics and performance.

The last song of the night was “In Love with a Monster.” This song kept my foot tapping and head bobbing. The chorus is still stuck in my head “I was in love with a monster,  devil in disguise. I was in love with a monster, hiding behind blue eyes.”

I talked with Jillian afterwards and found out that they are going to have a full band recording for their album and are currently auditioning for members to complete their band. I have to say listening to “Girls Rock too” and “In Love with a Monster” I can’t wait to hear what they sound like along with the other songs with the full band. I’m very excited to hear the final recordings and for the album release that will be out a little later this year.


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