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Breaking it Down with The Broken Divide



rubybdFirst off a question that I’ve always wanted to ask you guys! Where did the idea of performing the Humpty Dance come from?

The Humpty Dance was an arrangement originally conceived in Bryan And Lunchboxes band Hollow Space years ago. It had always been a fan favorite so when we needed a filler for time in the early stages of TBD we used it. It kind of stuck at that point.

How is the writing process for The Broken Divide? Do you guys all collaborate together? And is there themes that you guys like to stick to?

Our writing process generally starts when one of our members comes up with a riff or series of riffs that we as a band build on. Now speaking for Bryan and Lunchbox, they are completely obsessed with post apocalyptic science fiction, so a lot of the lyrics and writing stems from that. Even the name of the band is taken from a Fallout: New Vegas (Video Game) reference and one of our songs “Hellfire” that is coming out on the new album is based on Fallout: 3 (Video Game). Movies, Pop Culture, and Video Games have a lot of influence since that’s what we as a band choose to engross ourselves in. Also the song “Lobotomy” was inspired by the movie Suckerpunch.

You guys are a pretty fast passed hard hitting band, but you also have a soft side. How do you decide on the play list when a show comes up?

We feel like a good balance of speed and intensity are a healthy combination, and every band needs one or two songs that pull back the tempo. Don’t mistake slower tempo for intensity though. When you have Kris on the drums the intensity is always there all the time. As far as set lists, we as a band decide before a show what songs are going to be played and what point in the set they are going to be played. It is actually an in depth and strategic discussion that we take a lot of pride in. We are committed to bringing the best show possible to those who paid their hard earned money to see us.

Are there any pre-show rituals that members in the band go through?

Pre show rituals? We like to get hyped up much like a sports team prior to taking the stage. We treat it like a game and we are out to win. Not like a competition, but a battle to put on a killer show. It’s us against us. We don’t lose. No matter what we refuse to let setbacks and technical difficulties effect our performance. Finally I guess the most mythic and legendary pre-show ritual is that Bryan has to poop at whatever venue we are playing at prior to show.

What would “the Dream” show lineup be for you guys  to perform in?

We have played with a few of our influences to this point which to us is awesome. Bryan and Lunchbox have always been huge fans of Stabbing Westward and Evans Blue, so playing with The Dreaming and Parabelle were amazing experiences. Furthermore, Kris and Lunchbox are huge fans of Straight Line Stitch so that in turn was also amazing. If we had to sum up our one show that we could just quit the day after and never have a single regret it would be the following:
Iron Maiden
Metallica (circa 1987)
Breaking Benjamin

In turn you can hear, in our songs, the twin guitar influence of Maiden, the epicness of early Metallica, the drum and vocal influence of Morgan Rose, song style of Breaking Benjamin, and the intense meaningful lyrics and melody driven writing of Ben Burnley and Aaron Lewis. So to play with all of our major influences at once would truly be a dream come true.

What is new on the horizon for The Broken Divide?

Finally, we have a new 6 song EP dropping this year, a mini tour in Texas, and obviously the Project Backstage awards which we are so humbled to be a part of this year. Lastly we look forward to another year of amazing shows and turning more and more fans on to The Broken Divide.

Now take all of this passion from The Broken Divide and just imagine what kind of show to expect to see come time for the Project Backstage Awards.

 Chili Crews for Project Backstage

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