The Luck of a Music Fan

aftershock 030There are many different ways that people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. For those that made it out to Aftershock Music Venue it was a night of cheap Jameson, Guinness, and a killer local rock show! There were so many amazing acts that played throughout the night. Bare with me as I recall the events of the night through my now sober mind.

Adam Fetters

Adam started the event off with a great start playing an all original acoustic set. He showed that he has definite talent with his guitar. During his political douche bag song the cords made his hand resemble flipping the middle finger. Even though this was not intentional it kind of added to the performance as a symbol of saying f*** you to the problems within our government. I also have to point out that I loved the transition of playing soft into the more intense playing that comes along with his style.

Austin Williams and Steven Bell (10001)

The acoustic duo aka “Giant Meat Sale” played a very entertaining set. It was very relaxed and almost seemed like a rehearsed jamming session. They kept everyone on their toes wondering what they were going to play next. They played so many different things from Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They played a few originals but the best part is how they were able to do covers and turn them into a whole new song. Example,  Playing the Foo Fighters DOA and made it completely their own and it sounded great!

Ben Driskell (Striving for Cairo)

Ben came out to play a few acoustic originals from Striving for Cairo. The song that stood out the most for me during his set was Listen to This. He showed so much emotion not only through his vocals but also through his guitar playing. He gave a great taste of what to expect from seeing an actual Striving for Cairo show.

David Merschbrock and Spanky  (Previously in Razing Paradise)

These guys needed a stage name since they also had a drummer on stage so I gave them Spanky and the gang for a name.(They don’t know this yet.) This was their first time playing an acoustic set and their goal was to transform their original songs from metal to acoustic. I loved the low tons that came from the guitar. They definitely had a great time playing on stage. The drummer tried to keep with the acoustic tone with trying to play with a towel on the snare but I noticed as he got more into it the towel disappeared. They have a love for what they do and it showed through their performance. These guys are rumored to be putting a new band together very soon.

Sean Thibodeaux

Sean kicked off the Main stage for the night, and that he did very well. He showed off his talent for doing some very well done covers to even mashing up some songs. He played The Calling’s Wherever You Will Go, Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror, and even Justin Timberlake’s Cry Me a River. He even got a shout out from Marty Johnson of 9 Volt Junkie saying “he has so much talent that it P***es me off!”

Sober Overdose

Sober Overdose took over the main stage missing a guitarist, but if this it was your first time seeing these guys you wouldn’t be able to tell. Jason Espy and Allen Roach just killed it. Bottles My Friend is just a perfect song for St Patrick’s Day with lyrics like “Time to drink it up, time to live it up.” Nothing to Lose the drums were spot on. I loved the change ups in the song, the beat that went along with Noth-in to lose is very catchy! During the song It Ain’t You, Espy showed off how much he loves to shred.

9 Volt Junkie

You can’t go wrong when it comes to drinking a Guinness and eating pizza on St Patrick’s Day while watching the guys of 9 Volt Junkie bring it on stage. From the beginning to the end these guys showed that they were there for one reason and one reason only, to rock faces off! Phil Mitchum, lead guitarist and Brian Griffiths, bassist, played so well together, and it wasn’t just because they were dressed alike. They not only played the music, they felt it, and it showed. To the very rhythm of the drummer, Eric Morris, you can’t go wrong. All of this mixed with the incredible vocals of Marty Johnson really drew the crowd in and kept them moving along the whole time.

Years Past

Years Past was the last band of the night, and the crowd that stuck around for these guys was just a hint that I was in for a great show. The guitarist, Dustin Taylor and the bassist, Brandon Fenton, brought their A-game. The medley’s and the rhythms kept your head bobbing and moving along. I really enjoyed the song No Regrets. The vocals and lyrics were spot on, “And I told you, I don’t need you, as I let you walk away.” They also did a cover from Alter Bridge, Open Your Eyes. They did a great job with this song and after hearing this I was able to place why the vocals sounded so familiar throughout their set.


Chili Crews for Project Backstage


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