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What They Will Become

TheRoxy1SLAM Radio unleashed itself on Overland Park Friday at The Roxy. Sean Thibodeaux opened the show with his usual awesomeness but the band after is what brings me to you now.

I honesty was outside smoking and talking to the boss man when What I’ve Become started and I said, FRANK! These guys are amazing. He said, “right? They kinda came outta nowhere. I love them.”

They have, in my opinion unique sound. Maybe reminiscent of Foo Fighters with old school Korn beats. Raw in a great way. Lead man Craig Young said they are influenced by My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds To Mars, Muse, The Deftones, Nine Inch Nails, and Foo Fighters.

I’m told this was their third show and with that being the case, I can say without a doubt we are going to see great things from them. Their first show was the ninth of march with their second being Project Backstage’s Awards Kick Off show 3/23.  The band that played after, Adam Evolving who said they like their influences and gave them props from the stage during their set. They have good chemistry and seem comfortable on stage.

I asked vocalist Craig how long What I’ve Become had been around and he replied “Well Eric (the drummer) and I started last year in march, but it THeRoxy2was more of a project, I was on just vocals, and he was on guitar, picked up a drummer for a month around may. But that was shortly lived as he left after a month. So he switched to drums and started learning and I switched to guitar, never having real experience on electric. So we kept looking for a bassist and another guitarist and found a guitarist finally in October, and a bassist in November. Late November the guitarist left. So we have been practicing since then heavily since he left and am now trying to get out into the scene finally now that we have our perfect mix of personalities and influences.”

Set list: Looking Past Her, Co-Exist, Wicked Smile, Hold Me Down,
Supermassive Black Hole (Muse Cover), I Wanna Know, Last Chance To Live

Carrie Gentry for Project Backstage

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