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Sarmation Night Tears It Down

1357501888_SN_BS_COVEROpening for Mushroomhead last Thursday night to a crowd of people ready to destroy a venue was the brave souls of local Kansas City band Sarmation Night, but they without a doubt just went with the flow.

Sarmation Night was formed in 2010 and is part of the metal genre known for playing shows with bigger acts.  They have a deep, dirty feel to the music with vocals that will rip your ears apart if you are not ready for it.

When they opened the set, there was some minor issues that made the first song come off very weird.  It appeared as they could not hear the monitors as the timing was almost a full step off at times and vocalist “Ballz” seemed kind of lost trying to find the music.  By the second song it seemed all the problems were rectified and things were smooth from there.

While personally it is no secret I am not a metal fan, this band has something that appeals to me to watch them.  This is would have been the 3rd time I have seen them this year and the quality and development just throughout 2013 has been solid.  Flashback to the summer at a show that they played the second stage at Aftershock, they had technical difficulties beyond description.  They played through it and continued their set having fun with the suck sound guy that was behind the board helpless to the issues (i.e. – me).

Come back to this show and it was the same thing.  When you are the first band there are going to be feedback issues and all the squirrels of the sound equipment are not generally worked out yet when playing on the local level.  Throughout the set Sarmation Night was plagued with minor difficulties but it did not slow them down one bit.  They trucked through all the issues and threw down an energetic, fun set at a level that was astonishing at where they are compared to just one year ago.

For a nightcap the band gave the crowd what they seemed to really want, destruction.  While performing the last song, the vocalist was attempting a ceiling hang over the crowd rail at Aftershock.  Anyone that knows this stage knows this is possible if you grab the roof rafter, not the false ceiling.  In the end, the false ceiling was grabbed and the vocalist along with about 6 tiles come falling down onto the crowd causing a massive roar from the crowd in approval.  While this ended the set slightly early, it was one hell of a finish.  (The band says it was an accident, my opinion is shut up, it was intentional, ride it out).

One thing that I would like to see a little less of from the band is the fast, “jerky” type movements that the band seems to use on stage.  While it is great to have that energy, it distracts from the entire show to the point that you actually can stop hearing the music trying to keep up with what is going on.

Overall I see some great things that can happen with this band in their genre.  They gather the crowd support easily and get them involved quickly with their sets.  Some things could really be tweaked out and that could just be still being a young band, but with some development in some key areas Sarmation Night could become a real threat and powerhouse in the metal scene.  For fans of metal, this band is one to check out and is worth the price of a ticket to check out.


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