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Artist Submissions Open June 16th


If you are a music artist and wish to be considered to play the Project Backstage 2015 Midwest Music Awards, your chance will open on June 16th.

Submissions can be made via email to the selection panel starting on Monday and continuing until the selections are complete.  The panel will meet the first week in August and continue to meet weekly until all spots have been filled.  Submitting is not a guarantee of any sorts that anyone will gain an invite to perform at the show.

The 3 shows that will be filled will be the annual Ballot Release Party (date/venue TBA), the Industry Night Awards Presentations (Main Show – Voodoo Lounge, April 10th), and the Musicians Awards Presentations (Main Show – Voodoo Lounge, April 11th).

To submit your music you must submit at least one audio file, along with a full description of your band to  Any submissions lacking either one of the requirements will not be accepted and forwarded to the panel.  The selection panel in 2015 will be composed 100% of staff of Project Backstage, and before an invite can be extended to any artist, the panel must be unanimous on inviting the selected artist to the event.

All genres of music will be considered in 2015.  The goal for all awards events in 2015 will be a diverse mix of various genres with the best available artists selected to represent their respective genre at the events.  In the past the show has been heavy rock centered, and while we are not leaving the rock genre by any means, the show has evolved to represent more than just rock and we would like to see that also presented on the stage in the next year.

We look forward to another amazing year of this awards presentation, and to the fans of this event and the artists that support it every year, we can not thank you enough.  This will be the 5th annual show and our goal is to see it be one of the best yet.


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  1. Dead Man’s Hand is a hard rock band formed in Seattle in 2012 with lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Kasey McGrew (formerly of eaventil and Fourth and Forever) and Lead guitarist and backing vocalist Bret Palmer (Sevil and Below Blackstar). After spending some time in Seattle they came to the conclusion that the Seattle music scene was not for them and moved to Kansas City in search of a scene that better suited their style. There they picked up former Sevil and Guided by Walls guitarist Jeff Kent and drummer James Aguiar and began playing shows all over Kansas City including opening slots for HURT, PopEvil, and The Dreaming. In 2013 they released their first demo, “Til Karma Forgets,” that includes five original songs which has gained positive reviews and been featured on local radio shows. Dead Man’s Hand has described themselves as having an energetic live show with songs featuring catchy hooks as well as hard, driving rhythms, soaring, original guitar solos, and passionate vocals. “We are just four guys from humble backgrounds looking to carve our place in the world of honest, to the point hard rock”. Midwest Music awards has nominated Dead Mans Hand for Best New Artist 2014 and Best Male Vocalist Kasey McGrew.

    Dead Mans Hand 2014 Best New Artist.

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